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All of our rooms are language-independent and our game masters speak english.
  • star ratingTeam builder - Friendly, welcoming staff, and an unforgettable escape room experience! The rooms are located very central, close to popular restaurants and pubs, which is a big plus.

    avatar thumb BhrmAron

    star ratingOne of the best escape rooms  - Really really great, liked the logic, the tasks are quite creative and entertaining. A bit scary, but you get used to it 😀

    avatar thumb Pejtsik B

    star ratingSanta Muerte, had a lot of fun 😉  - We've tried the Santa Muerte room with my boyfriend, and both of us liked it a lot. The gamemaster was really friendly, the room itself (or more like the rooms,... read more

    avatar thumb Zita S
  • star ratingBest escape room I've played yet - We went to the Heaven & Hell-room, and I definitely recommend it. It was really well set up with fun puzzles, a good story, and we had an awesome game... read more

    avatar thumb Roman F

    star ratingMost fun experience  - We did the Santa Muerte room, managed to escape (just in time), we had a lot of fun. It's a really good room, not very difficult, not too easy either,... read more

    avatar thumb Emese K

    star ratingTop tier escape room  - We do a lot of escape rooms and E-Exit's Santa Muerte room was quality from start to finish. I think it was a second generation room from memory (this review... read more

    avatar thumb Liam B
  • star ratingWonderful experience  - We did 2 of the escape rooms : 1984 and Secret Subway, and were delighted by both of them.
    1984 might have a few years under its belt, but it... read more

    avatar thumb Arnaud D

    star ratingSanta Muerte exit room with family  - We went through the room called Santa Muerte, with our family. Our host (Rozi) was really nice and provided all necessary information upfront. This room did not have any padlocks,... read more

    avatar thumb Zsolt H

    star ratingMindblowing experience! Extraordinary entry ways  - As a local, I’ve been to many escape rooms in Budapest, but none of them can compare to this one! My first visit was in 2022 and we chose Heaven... read more

    avatar thumb Sz11181
  • star ratingTo Heaven and Hell! and back! Let's goooo - Hellooo, we were visiting from London and though one of us slightly nervous, our game master was really awesome in reassuring her, as a game master as well I really... read more

    avatar thumb JRiceHut

    star ratingGo for Heaven&Hell and Secret Subway  - During our Escape Room trip to Budapest we've visited multiple rooms. At E-Exit we played Secret Subway and Heaven & Hell.
    Heaven & Hell is a bit older room but... read more

    avatar thumb ek20140803

    star ratingextraordinary experience (one of our favorites)  - We played the "Heavenly Hell" room, we had a lot of fun, it's a higher-quality, playful room than the average. I liked the atmosphere of the venue and the reception,... read more

    avatar thumb István D
  • star ratingBrilliant escape room  - Excellent game with some really novel experiences, not for claustrophobics! Will definitely be back to try the other rooms, we played heaven and hell, 5/5 totally recommended. Our host Viki... read more

    avatar thumb gyuria2015

    star ratingVery good game  - The introduction could be better - we had to read the story fro. The paper ourselves but the game itself is very well made and everyone enjoyed it! Thank you!

    avatar thumb FtL2024

    star ratingOne of the best escape rooms in town  - We went to the Heaven and Hell room, which was a really fun and good experience, clever puzzles, unique solutions! 15/10 would recommend!:)

    avatar thumb Szilvia M

Why are we the best? 🙂

Because you, the players are our number one priority. When we decided to open our escape rooms back in 2014, we tried to design our rooms to be as enjoyable, fun and surprising as possible. We tried to find the children in ourselves – it was not a difficult thing to do 🙂 – and our only goal was for you to have fun in our escape rooms. We invented and put together all the puzzles and decorations ourselves. We are doing our best so you can see new solutions at E-Exit instead of the same puzzles and themes other escape rooms use. Our experience shows that our rooms surprise experienced players as well.

Here you can find the most suitable room for yourself whether you are a fan of padlocks and searching or new technologies and logical puzzles.
We would like to thank all of you for helping us lead the Tripadvisor list of Hungarian escape rooms and lists on other forums as well, and for the countless positive reviews we received over the years. We are extremely proud of the many Hungarian and foreign escape room blog posts that praise our rooms.
Come and set yourselves free! 🙂